Mindfulness Around What We Model

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“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

As a parent, I find that the number one way I influence my child is through modeling, though many times I find myself telling my daughter things and forgetting the value of involving, including or showing her. However; I have witnessed that when I exhibit healthy behaviors and practices I'd like her to incorporate in her life and create a culture in the home where "we are in this together", this speaks volumes more and has a much larger impact.

As adults, we are responsible for all our actions and they do have consequences, whether the effects are considered positive, negative or neutral.

Whether we are parents or not, currently parenting or not, we all have a great power to influence and positively effect those around us.

This week, please join me in striving to have mindfulness around what we are modeling and as best as we can create a culture in our home and communities where we move away from "telling" and more towards "including". May you have a great week.

~ Annie Jacob

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