Focus on the potential of what's to come


"One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain."  - Viktor Frankl

I have something new and very exciting coming into my life.......I'm pregnant....with twins!   This change has prompted me to say no to some things and let go of or set aside some commitments or other dreams I have as well as clearing out material items in my house to make space for a family of five.  Through it all, I've experienced a variety of emotions, though the clarity and deep gratitude I feel for the new direction of growing my family has been my guiding force and has helped make those decisions easier.

We are creatures of habit and holding on to what's familiar can really keep us stuck.  There is so much unknown, so much mystery in opening up to something new.  In the opening, there may be excitement or anticipation that pushes us forward, there may be relief, anger, guilt, sadness or grief and there may be fear or insecurity that triggers us into gripping to what is familiar and comfortable.  

In opening up to something new, we may simply need to release or set aside minor things.  Or perhaps we need to let go of something bigger, like a job, a relationship, items in our home, the location of our home, time commitments, scheduled plans, popularity or approval, other dreams, financial stability etc.  It's ok to feel whatever we feel during the process of letting go and opening up.  

Our attachments can have a powerful grasp on us.  Awareness of any clinging or gripping to the security of what we know can be insightful, however; taking it a step farther by turning our focus to a higher frequency of change, what we'd like to gain or the potential of what may come, can be empowering and make our journey smoother.   

Please join me this week in honoring our feelings in regards to change and the process of letting go, while keeping a strong focus on the potential of what we have to gain.  May you have a great week.

~ Annie Jacob

Annie Jacob