Cultivating Calm Amidst Life's Chaos

"All great changes are preceded by chaos."
Deepak Chopra


For me, the chaos of change can feel very uncomfortable and I may get caught up in trying to make things land a certain way.  Yep, I can have control issues too.  Change is especially difficult for me if I haven't been utilizing tools to help me stay centered and internally clear.  I have a lot more influence around my internal state so cultivating an inner environment of calm and steadiness helps me live more peacefully in a world with lots of unknown.  

We live in a creative process and we are co-creating with life itself on a regular basis.  Life is full of beginnings, middles and ends.  We may be in the middle of one thing while another aspect is dying off and at the same time, new things may be starting for us in another area.  The cycle of birth, growth and death are continuous and chaos is a natural part of it.

It can be a lot to juggle life's transitions.   Just because chaos may be happening around us, doesn't mean it needs to happen within us.  Utilizing tools such as meditation and breath practices that create inner calm and steadiness can be and an invaluable support during those times.  

Please join me this week in remembering that we are part of and co-participating with life's creative cycles and that we always have the power to cultivate a healthy inner state no matter what's happening around us.  May you have a great week.  

- Annie Jacob

Annie Jacob