Start somewhere


“If you don’t start somewhere, you’re gonna go nowhere.” ~Bob Marley

I recently experienced what I believe to have been a small "writer's block".... which is why you didn't get your Weekly Tonic last week. I only just started writing these weekly reflections a short while ago, how could this happen? I realized that I'm actually overwhelmed with ideas and just not sure how to begin or where to focus and I got way too in my head about it all that I just got stuck. I kinda feel the same way about a bunch of house projects presently and things I'd like to get done before I have two new babies in my arms and not much time for anything else. I know I need to start somewhere or nothing will get done!

Sometimes the next step or where to start can be crystal clear. Other times, we may feel overwhelmed, confused or unsure as to how to begin something or where to start. Perhaps our head feels clouded or foggy or maybe we're overthinking something which is causing paralysis and non-action. 

Embodiment practices can help un-stick things at times like this. Getting in the body also helps one get out of the head and can help align one with their intuitive self so that the next right action becomes clear. It might be helpful to do a gentle flowing yoga practice, free form dance in your living room while no one is watching or do a walking meditation in nature to awaken the senses. Maybe we need a little more space to get clear or maybe it's just time to start, even if we have no idea how or where it's going. 

Please join me this week in checking in with any analysis paralysis or clouded thinking, take the time to move the body if necessary and be in nature to enliven the senses to help us return home to our intuitive self. May you have a great week!

~ Annie Jacob

Annie Jacob