Time to Bloom?


‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ ~Anais Nin

Springtime is such a lovely time to witness the blossoming of nature and thankfully it doesn't all happen at once. Just like nature, we all blossom in our own timing and in our own ways. Sometimes we are simply not ready to put ourselves out there and that's ok. Though at some point, the pain of holding back, holding in or holding it together just might be too painful of a place to stay anymore.

We don't have to indulge in foolish or self defeating risks though healthy risk taking is a part of life. Maybe we've held ourselves tight due to a lack of self confidence. Perhaps we just need to acknowledge that and move on or we may need to spend some time on building our self esteem. The lack of confidence may be due to a belief that we need to be "perfect" or we're too stuck in shame filled beliefs of right and wrong or good and bad. This black and white thinking keeps us insecure and in a rut and prevents us from fully expressing ourselves. We may be trying to control outcomes and don't want to take that chance unless we are guaranteed success. Our fear of failure may be so strong that we stay stuck.

Please join me this week in evaluating our pain as it relates to a lack of blooming and if the timing is is right, take the chance. May you have a great week! ~ Annie Jacob

Annie Jacob