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Kat Jahnigen

About 500 years BCE, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted with saying “change is the only constant in life.” Far away, about the same time, the Buddha is believed to have said something similar: “Nothing is forever except change.” But Kat Jahnigen believes that the exception to that rule might be yoga. After practicing yoga for over half her life, she’s continuously amazed at how her practice has conformed to every change, every life stage, every mood, every season. Yoga is constant because it’s changeable. It’s responsive. It offers endless discoveries and ways to reach those discoveries. Kat has been practicing yoga for 25 years. And the most important thing she’s learned is how much more she has to learn! In 2010 she completed a 285 hour yoga teacher training with an emphasis on Hatha yoga, and in 2015 she undertook a 200 hour teacher training in Alignment-Based Vinyasa. In 2013, Kat chose to amputate her leg. After an accident 4 years before had shattered her ankle, she had undergone 14 surgeries (plus her first yoga teacher training!). While she could perform a fairly impressive one-legged Sun Salutation, one of the blessings of her injury was that it forced her to learn about the countless elements of yoga that are not dependent on the physical body. In a life focused on doing, she finally started to learn about being.  The following year, she spent a week studying with Matthew Sanford, a pioneer in Adaptive Yoga, completing Opening Yoga Level I and II training for yoga teachers. Since that time, she’s taught both adaptive yoga and traditional yoga classes and workshops at various studios in Colorado and Belize – in between having two incredible kids.