"I just love the YogaTonic!  Their new beautifully renovated studio is spacious and sunny and the teachers are thoughtful, knowledgable and caring.  I always leave with a longer spine and fuller breath!" - Buffy L.

"The YogaTonic is an invaluable asset to our community.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to practice Yoga in such a wonderful environment with knowledgeable, friendly and caring instructors." - Chad H.

"The YogaTonic is an all-encompassing school of Yoga and and healing arts. I have studied with Annie for over 10 years and am so grateful for the level of dedication to teaching that Annie and her group of amazing teachers provides.  Our community has been enriched by Annie's vision."  - Cheryl L.

"I have been practicing at the YogaTonic for over 10 years and am still challenged and inspired after each class. Annie's new space is warm, inviting and am honored each time I practice yoga with my amazing and loving community." - Francelia L.

"When I decided to be more dedicated to practicing yoga, I wanted to support Annie's business. The reasons I continue to come back to the YogaTonic is I enjoy the space Annie provides as well as all the teachers.  Yoga helps me calm my mind.  Through the readings and guidance from the teachers, I have learned tools to help quiet the chaos in my brain!" - Dawn H.

"I started taking classes at the YogaTonic six months ago as a way to change my habits of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.  The welcoming teachers and community of yogis have guided my practice with body and breath, helping me find balance between my inner work of 'being' and my 'doing' as a leader in the hyper-masculine culture of firefighting."  - Kent M.

"Mind, body, and spirit: as we get older, it becomes more difficult to keep these elements of our life in order. That’s where the YogaTonic comes in. They have the resources, classes, and teachers to improve your overall heath and help guide you along the way. With the added benefit of periodic special events one needs to go no further than joining the Yoga Tonic. They have helped me tremendously." - Tom R.

"One of the hardest things I experienced when moving to Salida was leaving behind my well-established relationships with my yoga studio and my teachers. I tried a few classes here, but couldn't quite find the right 'fit.' I am so grateful that I gave Annie's classes a try. She is knowledgeable and kind. I feel comfortable at Yoga Tonic and love the classes I have taken there!" - Alyssa B.

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